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Welcome to Cage Making

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Our simple aim is to provide a range of tools, parts and practical information that makes life easier for everyone and anyone to build, repair or extend their own cages.

We’re developing our product range to cover as many types of cage as we can; from the pet owner or bird breeder, the pigeon racer and the wild bird feeder, right through to allotment gardeners trying to protect their crops.

If there’s a cage tool or component that you’re having trouble finding, let us know.  We really enjoy the challenge of tracking down products or plans that will be of use and interest to other customers. Perhaps you have a cage making project that you’re proud of, send us a few pictures and we’ll add you to our gallery. If a lesson has been learned the hard way and you’d like to spare someone else from making the same mistake, let us know and we’ll add to our knowledge section.


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